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Premium Wholesale Boiling Milk Pots with Steamers (pots à lait bouillants avec cuiseurs à vapeur)

Wholesale stainless steel boiling milk pot.A variety of practical designs make the boiling milk pot simple and easy to use. The boiling milk pot can be used to cook a variety of foods to meet your cooking needs.We not only provide wholesale boiling milk pot services, but also provide customized milk boiling pot solutions.

Feature and Benefits of Boiling Milk Pot

High-quality 304 stainless steel: Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel material, sturdy and durable, rust and corrosion resistant, ensuring long-term use, suitable for home kitchen and outdoor use.

Multi-functional design: This milk pot is not only suitable for boiling milk, but also can be used for heating soups, cooking porridge, steaming vegetables, and other cooking needs, to meet your diversified cooking needs.

Glass lid design: Equipped with a transparent glass lid, it is easy to observe the cooking status at any time, no need to remove the lid frequently to maintain the temperature and humidity of the food.

Uniform heat conduction: The bottom of the composite bottom design, rapid and uniform heat conduction, reduces cooking time, and ensures that the food is evenly heated, not easy to stick to the pot.

Health and safety: The use of food-grade materials, no harmful substances, to ensure food safety, rest assured use.

Easy to clean: Smooth surface design, prevent food residue, easy to clean, hand wash or dishwasher cleaning can be, save time and labor.

Ergonomic handle: The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, non-slip, and heat-resistant to ensure safety during use.

Multi-layer composite bottom: The bottom of the pot adopts a multi-layer composite structure, which conducts heat quickly and evenly, saves energy, and improves cooking efficiency.

Fashionable appearance: Simple and generous design, suitable for a variety of kitchen styles, is a practical and beautiful cooking tool in the kitchen.

Wide range of applications: Whether it is a family kitchen or outdoor camping, this multifunctional boiling milk pot can meet your various cooking needs, is your right-hand man in life.

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Certification Mark

Certification iso9001 de purecookCertification Disneypurecook a collaboré avec Leroy MerlinCertification BSCI de purecookApprouvé par la FDA et l'IFAB


Parameters of Boiling Milk Pot

Type: Soup and milk pots and pans
Applicable Stove: Generally used for gas stove and induction cooker
Material: 304 stainless steel
Lid:Tempered glass lid
Handle: Bakelite (water transfer) handle
Bottom: 3-layer sandwich induction base (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel)
Size 36×21×13 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Logo: Customized logo

Custom Boiling Milk Pot

Packaging: color box/carton etc.
Logo:custom your brand logo
OEM & ODM Milk Pot Customized Solutions

pot à lait en gros

pot à lait en gros

Why choose us as your custom kitchenware manufacturer

1)Purecook has over 25 years of experience in kitchenware manufacturing and has created many competitive products.
2)We have a professional and experienced design and production team that can turn clients needs into real products.
3)We implement strict production management and quality testing to ensure that our products have high quality.
4)Purecook has a large production scale and advanced production lines, Our products have lower production costs and more competitive prices.
5)Our customization dimensions are very broad, from materials, colors to packaging,in here you can customize the products you want.
6)Our products are all made of safe and healthy materials and have passed international certifications such as FDA and LFGB.

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