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Cookware Surface Technology:The Difference between Ceramic Paint and Ordinary Paint

Stainless steel surface painting, can play a role in beautification and protection, but also can cover the stainless steel surface scratches and other defects. Stainless steel products if want to have a different appearance color, then can choose to spray ceramic paint or ordinary paint.

We are a fabricante de utensílios de cozinha that produces ceramic coated cookware. Have more than 20 years of production experience. We are familiar with all kinds of knowledge about the stainless steel industry. Below I will take readers to understand the difference between ceramic coatings e ordinary coatings for cookware.

What’s the difference between these two?

Ceramic paint and ordinary paint are made of different materials. Ceramic paint is generally composed of high temperature ceramics and organic polymer materials, inorganic silicate and other coatings, and through heating to form a layer of corrosion resistance, high temperature, wear resistant ceramic coating on the surface, with extremely high hardness and wear resistance; The ordinary paint uses polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic acid and so on as the main components.

Their performance is also different. Ceramic paint because of its high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance characteristics, suitable for industrial fields, can meet the strict requirements of use; The ordinary paint pays more attention to the effect of surface decoration, making the product more beautiful and practical.

Due to these advantages of ceramic spray-coated, our ceramic spray-coated cookware can withstand extremely high temperatures without falling off, and also has good corrosion resistance. We designed the ceramic exterior in different colors for a clean and elegant style. Welcome to view our ceramic spray-coated cookware.

wholesale cooking pots
ceramic painted stainless steel cookware

Wholesale ceramic painted stainless steel cookware

Purecook’s CiCi Cooking Pots are painted with high-temperature ceramic paint which have a high level of appearance and quality. First of all, the surface of the product is treated with high pressure sandblasting to make the surface smooth. After sand blasting, ceramic paint is applied. The paint is better attached to the surface of the object, uniform and smooth, improving the durability and life of the paint work. It does not emit any unpleasant odors during use even when it is dried and burned at high temperatures. After 40 minutes of dry burning, the paint will not flake, and it will also resist chipping or scratching caused by minor impacts.

custom cooking pots
ceramic painted stainless steel cookware


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