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How to maintain a stainless steel pot


The widespread use of stainless steel kitchenware worldwide is sufficient to prove its practicality and relative safety, but stainless steel only has stronger rust and corrosion resistance.
There is a misconception that needs to be corrected: no type of stainless steel is absolutely rust-free, it just has strong corrosion resistance.
After use, it is important to clean and dry it in a timely manner, otherwise, it is still easy to rust in humid environments for a long time.

How to maintain a stainless steel pot
How to maintain a stainless steel pot

How to make stainless steel pot non stick?

Although stainless steel pots do not have a non stick coating, using the correct method can achieve non stick frying.
The key to the effectiveness of the method lies in grasping the oil temperature.
Heat in an empty pot. When the pot reaches a certain temperature, reduce the heat and pour in a little oil, then start pre heating.
At the bottom of the pot, there will be radial striped oil lines. The finer the oil lines, the higher the oil temperature. Hot pot oil can prevent the cooking pan from sticking to the bottom.
The key to using a stainless steel pan for non stick cooking is to keep the surface temperature of the pan high enough and the surface of the ingredients cooked enough.
Also, do not rush to flip the surface when frying, as the spatula can push and flip the surface again.
If you cannot control the oil temperature well, when using it, heat up the oil in a hot pot and then pour out the hot oil by turning the pot. Again add oil, this is hot pot cold oil. In this order, any pot can be kept well and not stained.

if a stainless steel pot turns colors?

① Low purity coal gas and natural gas may cause the bottom of the pot to turn yellow and black, so it is best to cook over medium to low heat when using.
② Small to medium heat refers to flames that do not exceed the base of the pot, which not only saves energy but also prevents discoloration of the pot.
③ Additionally, keep some stainless steel pot cleaning agents at home. Alternatively, cleaning with white vinegar/baking soda can make the stainless steel pot shiny as new.

How to prevent corrosion of stainless steel pots effectively?

① Some people are accustomed to adding salt in a cold pot with cold water, but at this time, the salt cannot dissolve quickly and fully.
② Salt deposition on the bottom of the pot can easily cause corrosion of the utensils, and white spots and small pits may appear on the bottom of the pot.
③ If this situation already exists, use slightly warmed white vinegar. Soak the stainless steel pot for a while before cleaning, it will immediately look like new.
④ Stainless steel pots should be cooked with less salt or salt added afterwards to prevent corrosion, especially when storing salty soup overnight or overnight.
⑤ After cooking, remember to dry the water, preferably dry it, and place it in a well ventilated area to avoid dampness in the pot.

Only by understanding the properties of stainless steel and making good use of it, can we have a correct and healthy lifestyle philosophy.

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