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Some recommendations on how to use and clean non-stick pan correctly


Proper Use of Non-Stick Pans

1.Avoid high temperatures: Non-stick pans should not be used at excessively high temperatures, as this could cause the coating to break down and potentially produce harmful substances. The best practice is to cook at medium to low heat.

2.Avoid heating when empty: When a non-stick pan is heated empty, the temperature can rise rapidly, which may damage the coating. The pan should not be preheated for too long before adding ingredients or liquid.

3.Use appropriate spatula: Avoid using metal spatulas that could scratch the non-stick coating. It is recommended to use wooden, plastic, or silicone spatulas.

how to use non-stick pan
how to use non-stick pan

Proper Cleaning of Non-Stick Pans

1.Clean after cooling: As mentioned earlier, we should avoid cleaning the hot pan with cold water immediately after cooking, as this could cause non-stick pan coating to peel off. The pan should be allowed to cool naturally before cleaning.

2.Hand wash: Although some non-stick pans are marked as dishwasher safe, hand washing can better protect the coating from damage. Use mild detergent and non-metallic cleaning brushes or sponges.

3.Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool: These cleaning tools could scratch the coating, causing it to peel off.

4.Store after drying: Wait until the non-stick pans is clean and thoroughly dry before storing to avoid possible rust due to residual moisture.

how to clean non-stick pan

Regular Check

During use, regularly check the state of the non-stick pan’s coating. If you find the coating has peeled off, is damaged, or worn, consider replacing the pan. Even with correct use and cleaning, the non-stick coating will gradually wear out over time and use. Generally speaking, replacing the non-stick pan about every two to three years is a good practice.

Now you should know how to clean and use a non-stick pan.
In conclusion, correct use and cleaning of non-stick pans can significantly extend their lifespan and maintain their optimal performance. By following the above suggestions, you can ensure that your non-stick pans are used safely and effectively.

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