Colorful Custom Food Storage Containers Wholesale with High Temperature Resistance

We are one of the best food storage container manufacturers in China, wholesales custom food storage containers. The food storage container is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the outer layer is covered with high-temperature ceramic paint. It can be directly used in refrigerators and freezers, and is also suitable for microwave ovens Heating to meet various storage needs, contact us to buy wholesale to save costs, we can quickly meet your large needs.

Feature and Benefits of Food Storage Containers

Food storage container – food storage container is easy to use, easy to clean and suitable for storing all kinds of vegetables.

Outdoor crisper – crisper is sturdy and easy to deform, good sealing, can keep food for a long time.

Lunch carrying case – the lid prevents strong odors from seeping into other foods or spreading throughout the space.

Transparent glass top – made of high quality explosion-proof glass, you can see the heated food at a glance.

Exterior painting process: Heat-resistant treatment, not easy to peel off, heatable.

Optional filter rack: Drains out grease and moisture.

Adult lunch box: Suitable for storing different types of food, this lunch box with lid is easy to use.

Offer custom food storage containers wholesale.

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Certification Mark

iso9001 certification of purecookDisney certificationpurecook collaborated with Leroy MerlinBSCI certification of purecookFDA and lfgb approved


Parameters of Food Storage Containers

Model Number:ch5
Name:Fuse box
Style: dark/light
Material: 201/304 stainless steel
Lid: glass+silicone
Capacity: 700ml-3000ml
Color: milky white/silver
Surface: polished/electrolytic
Logo: customizable

Custom Food Storage Containers

Logo: customize your brand logo
Packaging: color box/carton etc.
Order Quantity 1000 pcs
OEM & ODM Customized Solutions

SizeCapacity (L)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
Small shallow0.716111948
Small deep116111972
Medium shallow1.219614953
Medium deep1.819614983
Large shallow1.923718258
Large deep323718293

custom food storage containers wholesale

custom food storage containers wholesale

Why choose us as your custom kitchenware manufacturer

1)Purecook has over 25 years of experience in kitchenware manufacturing and has created many competitive products.
2)We have a professional and experienced design and production team that can turn clients needs into real products.
3)We implement strict production management and quality testing to ensure that our products have high quality.
4)Purecook has a large production scale and advanced production lines, Our products have lower production costs and more competitive prices.
5)Our customization dimensions are very broad, from materials, colors to packaging,in here you can customize the products you want.
6)Our products are all made of safe and healthy materials and have passed international certifications such as FDA and LFGB.

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