Wholesale Food Grade Stainless Steel Hot Dog Pan Suitable for DIY Food Making

Wholesale hot dog pan.This hot dog pan for home use is made of food-grade stainless steel and is suitable for making steamed cakes and hot dogs. The double-layer design makes it easier for the lid and bottom to fit together for easier food shaping.

Feature and Benefits of Hot Dog Pan

High-Quality Material: Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and corrosion-resistant.

Double-layer design: The baking pan adopts a double-layer design, and the upper and lower parts are easier to fit, which is beneficial to food shaping and improves production efficiency.

Multifunctional use: suitable for baking cakes, hot dogs and other foods.

Easy to use: The inner wall is polished and the food will not break when it comes out of the mold, making it easy to use.

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Certification Mark

iso9001 certification of purecookDisney certificationpurecook collaborated with Leroy MerlinBSCI certification of purecookFDA and lfgb approved


Parameters of Hot Dog Pan

Model: Hot Dog pan
Material: stainless steel (SUS#304)
Product size: 19×11 cm
Package size: 19.5×11.5×3.5 cm
Finish: Matte
Weight: 154g/pcs
Packing: color box
MOQ: 120 pcs

Custom Hot Dog Pan

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wholesale hot dog pan

wholesale hot dog pan

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1)Purecook has over 25 years of experience in kitchenware manufacturing and has created many competitive products.
2)We have a professional and experienced design and production team that can turn clients needs into real products.
3)We implement strict production management and quality testing to ensure that our products have high quality.
4)Purecook has a large production scale and advanced production lines, Our products have lower production costs and more competitive prices.
5)Our customization dimensions are very broad, from materials, colors to packaging,in here you can customize the products you want.
6)Our products are all made of safe and healthy materials and have passed international certifications such as FDA and LFGB.

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