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Como utilizar a micro panela de pressão


Does anyone still cook like a war? Every time I Cook, the kitchen is in a mess, making my face full of lampblack. I don’t believe you don’t know an artifact called a short-term cooking expert-micro-pressure cooker, a pot of multi-use, can be fried, stewed, rinsed, fried, boiled, the most important thing is safety! Burn fast! Also keep fresh!
I think there should be many kitchen novices who are as afraid of pressure cookers as I am. Every time they hear the sound of boiling, they will be frightened and afraid that improper use will cause an explosion! So today I must recommend a micro pressure cooker with you.

Como utilizar a micro panela de pressão
micro pressure cooker

The Use of Micro Pressure Cooker

1.Add water and ingredients

According to different cooking needs, add an appropriate amount of water to the micro-pressure cooker, and then put in the ingredients. It should be noted that the maximum capacity limit of the pot should not be exceeded to avoid overflow during cooking.

2.Set the cooking time

Set the appropriate cooking time according to the type of ingredients and cooking needs. Generally speaking, the cooking time of a micro-pressure cooker is shorter than that of a traditional pot, so it needs to be adjusted according to actual conditions.

3.Start cooking

Place the micro-pressure cooker on the stove, heat it to boiling, turn it to low heat and maintain a stable fire. At the same time, pay close attention to the situation during cooking to avoid dry burning or overflowing.

4.Pressure relief and lid opening

After cooking, let the micro-pressure cooker naturally release pressure to ensure that the pressure in the pot drops to a safe range. Do not force the lid open to avoid hot steam spraying and scalding. When you hear the sound of deflation, you can carefully open the lid and enjoy the food.

What is a micro-pressure cooker?

Micro pressure cooker is a new kind of pot on the market in recent years, the category is relatively rich. The working pressure of the micro-pressure cooker is generally lower than 1.2 atmospheres. Using the micro-pressure cooker to cook food is easier to cook than ordinary pots, and because the pressure is not high, the lid can be opened at any time during work without danger. The working pressure of the traditional pressure cooker is extremely high, which can reach more than 1.8 standard atmospheres.

The composition and structure of the micro-pressure cooker is simple, which is equivalent to the ordinary well-sealed cookware. And the lid can be opened at any time during use; While the traditional pressure cooker has a complicated structure, and the lid cannot be opened at will during use. The lid can only be opened safely after manually releasing the pressure, otherwise it is extremely prone to explosion.

what is a micro pressure cooker
micro pressure cooker

The working principle of micro-pressure cooker

We all know that the cooking effect of micro-pressure cooker is not as fast as that of traditional pressure cooker. However, although the pressure of micro-pressure cooker is small, it can better retain the original flavor of food. This is because the working principle of micro-pressure cooker is to reduce the oxygen content in the pot, slow down the oxidation rate of food, so as to maintain the nutrition and taste of food.

The benefits of using micro-pressure cooker

High safety than traditional pressure cooker. The micro-pressure pot has an intelligent safety valve. When the pressure is too high, it will automatically deflate to adjust the internal pressure.
High time efficiency. Compared to traditional cooking tools, the use of micro-pressure pot can greatly reduce cooking time,
Simple operation. During the stewing process, you can open the lid and add materials at any time, and choose the maturity you like. It is especially suitable for people who want to cook soup but are afraid of pressure cookers.sealed enough and has a certain air pressure, the vitamins and minerals of the food are retained.
A pot of multi-purpose. Can be fried, stewed, boiled, fried, boiled, able to cook a variety of dishes, very suitable for novice cooks.

micro pressure cooker


Having said so many benefits and uses of micro-pressure cooker, I believe you already know about micro-pressure cooker. Here, I also encourage you to try more different kitchen cooking tools to improve cooking efficiency and add some different fun to your life!


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